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On November 29th of 2023, “Guram Chaduneli’s law office” participated in a scientific-practical forum on labor law, which was held at Kutaisi University (UNIK). Within the framework of the event, the 2022 issue of the journal “Contemporary Labor Law Review”, which is published by the “Center for Contemporary Labor Law” was presented to the audience....
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The current Labor Code carries the interests of both the employer and the employee and implements a number of levers in the labor market to protect their rights. In the article, we briefly review the particularly important aspects of labor relations and the mechanisms for protecting labor rights for employees.• Job Interview (pre-contractual period)The employer...
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   We are pleased to announce that, with the financial support of “Guram Chaduneli Law Office” the scientific journal “Review of Modern Labor Law” has been published. The journal is the annual publication of the non-entrepreneurial organization “Modern Labor Law Center” and contains articles by academics on current labor law issues of Georgia. The novelity...
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The recognition of a right of property of an arbitrarily occupied/Lawful ownership of a land plot Ownership of arbitrarily occupied land is recognized by the Commission for Recognition of Ownership of Arbitrarily Occupied Land. Property recognition is recognized by the Recognition Commission when:          A) A land plot in lawful ownership (use);...
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In this dispute, our company was defending the interests of the plaintiff in district court. The subject of the dispute was the imposition of a sum of money on the defendant under the contract of work. The case was particularly complex in legal terms, as well as in the scarcity of evidence. Within the utmost...
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In the case of intestacy Persons who were alive at the time of the heir’s death, as well as the heir’s children who were born alive after his death; In the case of testamentary succession Persons who were alive at the time of the heir’s death, as well as those who were born in his...
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The new “Code on the Rights of the Child” came into force on September 1, 2020. This Code is a declaratory document that should be followed by the Georgian authorities, municipal bodies, other administrative bodies, common courts, public and private law entities and individuals in carrying out activities related to children and child issues. In...
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